RTI Bridge Loans – Fast Hard Money Lender For Southern California Real Estate Investors

The truth is that Southern California’s real estate market is changing, and it is changing fast. The real estate market in Southern California is hot and an excellent place for doing business with massive returns. Great deals come and go quickly, so you need to ensure you have access to capital whenever you need it.

Are you looking to buy a house to flip or renovate and rent out? It can be hard to get a traditional mortgage in Southern California. If your credit score isn’t where a conventional lender would like it, or you need cash more quickly than a lender can provide it, you could be out of luck. In situations like these, some real estate investors might turn to what is known as hard money loans.

RTI Bridge Loans is an alternative, non-bank, Hard Money Lender providing fast, flexible, and reliable financing to real estate investors in and around Los Angeles and Southern California cities.

Do you have questions about Southern California Hard Money Loans? Awesome! We’ve got the answers you need to get moving with a Hard Money Loan!

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The Essentials of Hard Money Lending

So, what is a hard money loan? And why use a hard money loan? 

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is an asset-based short-term commercial financing that you can use to buy or refinance a property. 

Unlike conventional or bank loans, which focus on individual creditworthiness, hard money loan underwriting is based mainly on the value of the asset the borrower is purchasing. If you have a reliable income but conventional lenders still won’t lend to you, you can use your physical property or other hard assets as collateral to secure a hard money loan.

Generally, hard money loans are issued by private individuals or companies specializing in hard money lending.

Benefits of Asset-Based Loans for Southern California Real Estate Investors

There are multiple benefits for Southern California Real Estate Investors who utilize asset-based loans, including fast application and approval times. 

Unlike traditional loan programs, which involve a more complex underwriting and application process, California hard money lenders approve hard money loans quickly and efficiently. If everything checks out, a hard money loan is approved immediately, and you receive the funds within two weeks or less.

Another benefit for Southern California real estate investors who utilize asset-based loans is that you don’t have to use hard money loans for specific purchases or items. So, you have the flexibility to make your real estate investments thrive.

Like its name, a bridge loan helps you bridge that gap so your real estate investments can swim, not sink. The revolving line of credit allows you to grow your loans alongside the growth of your business. Your past successes set you up for more significant loan limits and even bigger wins in the future, as increased liquidity means that you can purchase more properties without your current loans holding you back.

So, you don’t want to take a loan in your personal name? A conventional lender is likely to require that a property is owned directly by an individual to whom they are giving the loan. If you’d like to purchase the property in an LLC or a bank won’t finance you personally, you can always rely on a hard money loan.

Who Can Qualify for a Hard Money Loan in Southern California?

Hard money loans in Southern California offer an alternative to conventional loans for a range of real estate investors. They’re especially beneficial for “fix-and-flippers,” or real estate investors who buy distressed properties, then repair and rehab them for sale or rent.

1. Fix and Flip Investors

House flippers sometimes need to make real estate investment decisions on a dime. We understand the need for speed, which is why we offer such a fast approval process. Our hard money loans are often closed and funded in just seven business days!

2. Fix-To-Rent Investors

Not all real estate investors are fix and flippers. Some wish to purchase distressed properties, repair them, then rent them to tenants. 

Where to Find a Hard Money Loans

So, how do I find hard money lenders near me? 

Don’t know where to start? Just grab your phone or laptop and search ‘private money lenders near me’! It’s as easy as that. There are different Southern California hard money lenders. You should choose one that knows the local area as they can recommend realtors and contractors or help you assess local deals.

If you have some connections in the Southern California real estate market, You could ask your circle of investor friends to recommend reliable hard money lenders. 

What if you don’t have any contacts?

Consider attending real estate investment meetups in your area. Networking with other investors at these meetups sets you up for success, as it could open doors to all types of investments, not just the best hard money lenders.

What to Look for When Selecting a Hard Money Lender

Finding a hard money lender isn’t challenging—but you don’t want to borrow money from just anyone. Are you wondering how to choose a reputable hard money lender? Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are they Hard Money or Private Money Lenders

Generally, hard money lenders are experienced and licensed, while private money lenders can be anyone with the funding, regardless of expertise with hard money loans. It would be best to choose hard money lenders over the latter as they are licensed, organized, and have clear lending criteria.

2. The Hard Money Lenders LTV

One of the most important aspects of a hard money lender is their loan-to-value (LTV). While most hard money lenders offer around 70% LTV based on a property’s after-rehab value (ARV), you can’t assume that all lenders offer these same terms.

3. The Lender’s Target Property Type

Most hard money lenders choose a particular home style to work with, for example, single-family homes, duplexes, or townhouses. Also, many hard money lenders have property price ranges that they’re willing to approve.

4. Check Reviews About the Lender

Since the hard money lending industry has minimal regulation, terms such as approval times, interest rates, and the down payment, can vary significantly from one lender to the other.

While going for the lowest rates possible seems wise, you may end up with an awful deal.

That is why lender aspects such as reputation, transparency, and professionalism are essential to ensure that you get as much value from the deal. If you’re unable to find reviews for a lender you want to engage, it would be best to avoid such as they may not be as transparent.

5. The Lender’s Location

Since many Southern California bridge loan lenders limit themselves to a particular location, you’ll need to ensure that your target market aligns with that of a potential hard money lender.

While finding a smaller, local lender intimately familiar with your market may make sense, significant advantages exist when choosing a larger, regional hard money lender like us. Due to our size and resources, we can scale the support we provide far beyond what a small, local Los Angeles hard money lender can.

RTI Bridge Loans is the best real estate investment loan source for South California real estate investors. As one of the premier Southern California hard money mortgage lenders, RTI Bridge offers a wide variety of hard money loan programs, providing unlimited opportunities for local investors.

Hey Southern California Investors! Need A Fast, Reliable, and Professional Hard Money Lender?

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RTI Bridge Loans is a Southern California hard money lender financing real estate investments up to $3.2 million. Our team is well versed in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Orange County’s real estate fix and flip markets, and we are ready to design a custom-tailored hard money loan for your next project. We have gained a reputation as Southern California’s fastest hard money lender because we know how critical each day is in Southern California’s competitive real estate market. 

  • We are one of California’s most reliable and professional direct hard money lenders with over 30 years of experience.
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  • We fund loans in 3-5 days, although we have even closed deals in as little as 24 hours
  • Loan amounts up to $3,200,000

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