2nd Position Hard Money Loans & Trust Deed


an effective alternative to conventional financing



Loan Term 1 Year
Loan Amount $150,000-$25,000,000
Amortization Interest only
Loan to Value Up to 80%
Interest Rate Starting at 8.75%
Prepayment Penalty None
Closing Time 7 to 15 Days
Acquisitions Increase Capital Stack Repositioning
Refinancing Cashout Purposes Rehabs

Hard Money 2nd Mortgage Loans and Trust Deed

Do you need a new option to increase your credit score or pay down debt? A hard money second mortgage may be the answer. As a veteran second mortgage lender, RTI Bridge Loans helps fund 2nd position hard money loans in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles housing market is highly competitive, and you can’t risk losing out on a deal because you are working with the wrong lender. Our experience and expertise allow us to close deals faster than the competition. We educate borrowers on all aspects of the second mortgage process and give impeccable service to make the process efficient, transparent, and stress-free.

Learn how RTI Bridge Loans can help borrowers expand their ventures or get back on their feet with better credit.

40 Years Of Experience
40 Years Of Experience

Partner with one of the most reliable and professional direct hard money lenders in California with over 40 years of hard money lending experience.

Fast Approvals And Funding
Fast Approvals And Funding

Quick approvals and direct funding when time is off the essence and need capital on critical opportunities in this fast-moving real estate market.

Leverage Your Money
Leverage Your Money

Maximize Leverage with our financing up to 70-80% LTV of the residential, commercial or mixed project at competitive hard money loan rates.

Recently Funded 2nd Trust Deed Loans in Los Angeles, CA

Get Fast Approval for 2nd Position Hard Money Loans and Trust Deeds

Not all second mortgages are the same. Conventional lenders such as banks and credit unions make it hard for investors to take this option due to the strict underwriting criteria. Borrowers and brokers can instead build a relationship with 2nd trust deed lenders who focus on the deal’s merit above everything else.

Want to learn more? Contact RTI Bridge Loans today for all the information about hard money second trust deeds in Los Angeles County!

What is a 2nd Mortgage Hard Money Loan?

A hard money lender provides a hard money 2nd mortgage, and borrowers usually take it out as a second loan, meaning borrowers need to have a first mortgage already in place. Because these loans are backed by the existing mortgage, they inherently carry more risk, resulting in the potential for higher interest rates and shorter loan terms. However, they can also provide access to funds quicker than traditional loans.

How 2nd Position Hard Money Loans Work

Getting a second mortgage means taking advantage of the equity you gained from paying down your first mortgage. Real estate investors often decide to use a second mortgage to fund projects or significant expenses or to pay down debt. For business purposes, you can use hard money second mortgage loans to purchase a new office or equipment to grow your business.

These mortgages can be risky for second mortgage lenders because they are not the only creditor on the property. As a result, borrowers are subject to higher 2nd mortgage rates and shorter repayment terms than the standard 30-year mortgage.

Advantages of Hard Money 2nd Position Business Loans

Here are four reasons why you should get a Hard Money 2nd trust deed in Los Angeles County:

  • Second position hard money loans allow you to access the equity in your home for cash
  • Interest rates on second-position hard money loans are typically lower than on credit cards or private loans
  • You can obtain a second mortgage much easier and faster than a bank mortgage
  • You can invest the money gained in a second mortgage into higher-yielding investments

The professional team of 2nd trust deed lenders at RTI Bridge Loans is happy to help educate and inform Los Angeles investors on their options, the terms, and the advantages and potential cons of taking out a second mortgage. Contact us today!

What is a Second Trust Deed?

A second deed of trust is a type of loan that allows real estate owners to use the property as collateral for the loan. The deed of trust, often called a mortgage, is a voluntary lien placed on a borrower’s land, home, or investment property.

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What is a Trust Deed Loan?

2nd Trust Deed Loan Rates

The rates for second trust deed hard money loans generally surpass those of regular hard money loans, primarily due to the heightened lender risk involved. To mitigate this risk, 2nd mortgage hard money loan interest rates are often higher and have shorter repayment periods.

Los Angeles hard money 2nd mortgages have interest rates in the range of 10-13% Are you looking for the best second mortgage loan rates Los Angeles offers? You’re at the right place! Talk with the 2nd position loan professionals at RTI Bridge Loans!

2nd Position Hard Money Loans for Bad Credit

Yes, it is possible to secure hard money second trust deeds, even with bad credit, given that you meet specific criteria. In some cases, bad credit may make it easier for you to get a secured loan because the lender views you as less of a lending risk if there’s an asset they can repossess should you stop making repayments. Some lenders even specialize in bad credit mortgages, 2nd position hard money loans. The chances of being approved for such loans might be higher, but so would the bridge loan rates.

Why Borrowers Choose RTI Bridge Loans for Their 2nd Mortgages

At RTI Bridge Loans, we know all about 2nd position hard money loans and the ins and outs of the Los Angeles housing market. We are Los Angeles hard money lenders that take great pride in helping local investors achieve the American Dream.

  • With almost two decades of real estate investment experience, RTI Bridge Loans sets industry standards, having successfully funded hundreds of millions in hard money loans for real estate investors
  • We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Once you’ve done business with us, you won’t go anywhere else for your real estate investment hard money loans
  • Unlike many 2nd trust deed lenders in Los Angeles, RTI Bridge Loans is a fully-licensed and insured mortgage lender
  • Unlike other hard money lenders, we assess your complete financial situation and apply sensible underwriting principles
  • We offer a quick application process, quick approvals, and direct funding for 2nd position hard money loans
  • We are located in Gardena, CA, and provide hard money loans throughout Los Angeles County and the state.

If you’re looking for someone who can answer all your questions, including the ones you haven’t thought of, you’re in the right place. Call RTI Bridge Loans at (562) 857-2285 to request a free loan quote today!


» Cash-out Refinance

A cash-out refinancing loan involves taking a loan for an amount more significant than what you owe on your property. This works by replacing the existing mortgage with a new one with a higher total loan amount than the current one. These funds can serve various purposes, including financing renovations and consolidating debts.

» Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan (sometimes called a HEL) is a type of second mortgage where you can borrow against the home equity you already have. The equity is the amount your home is currently worth, excluding the amount of any existing mortgage you may have. Home equity loans are typically provided as a lump sum and have fixed repayment and interest rates.

Borrowers often use these loans to cover major purchases, debt consolidation, or for home upgrades.


Home Equity Line of Credit loans (HELOC) share similarities with home equity loans as they both involve borrowing against the equity in your home. However, the difference is that a HELOC isn’t paid out as a lump sum but as a revolving line of credit. This means that just like a credit card, these are “open-end loans,” meaning that you withdraw and repay as needed instead of borrowing a set amount at once.

» Piggyback Loan

A piggyback second mortgage refers to a home equity or HELOC loan that is acquired simultaneously with the primary mortgage. This is done either to cover a larger portion of the home’s purchase price or to circumvent the need for private mortgage insurance. The hard money 2nd loan covers a portion of the down payment, reducing the first mortgage’s loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. Piggyback loans are often structured as fixed-rate or Home Equity Line Of Credit loans.

While similar, there are also some key differences between standard and hard money second mortgage loans, including the following:

» Purpose

Investors usually use regular hard money loans to acquire real estate or for bridge financing. On the other hand, hard money second mortgage loans are specifically used to provide additional funding to a property owner who already has an existing mortgage and needs extra cash.

» Loan Rates and Terms

A hard money 2nd mortgage carries more risk for a lender than standard hard money loans. To mitigate this risk, the interest rates on hard money 2nd mortgages are often higher, and the repayment periods can be shorter than standard hard money loans.

» Loan Amount

For standard hard money loans, lenders usually base the loan amount on the LTV of the property. On the other hand, hard money 2nd mortgages are based on the value and balance of the first mortgage.

» Qualification Criteria

Because hard money 2nd mortgages require a mortgage already in place, the lending criteria can be less stringent than conventional hard money loans.

» Lien Priority

The hard money lender holds the first lien on the property on standard hard money loans as they provide the primary loan. On the other hand, a hard money 2nd mortgage has a second lien on the property.

Hard money lenders typically charge a higher interest rate because they assume more risk than a traditional lender would.