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Top 10 Situations Where a Hard Money Loan Can Help
February 16, 2024

Are you facing a financial challenge that traditional lending options just can’t solve? It might be time to consider a hard…

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Fix and Flip Funding: Hard Money Loans vs. Conventional Loans
May 5, 2023

For the most part, hard money loans are similar to conventional loans. You apply for the loan and if you are…

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Why 2023 is a Good Year to Use a Hard Money Loan to Invest in a Multifamily Property
February 1, 2023

2023 is an exciting year for real estate investors. With the demand for rental properties on the rise, multifamily real estate…

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What are Hard Money Loans Costs and Interest Rates
November 2, 2022

Current hard money loan rates, as of 2022, vary between about 9% and 14%. Hard money lenders, however, offer slightly different…

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Reasons You are Getting Rejected by Hard Money Lenders
August 25, 2022

It can be challenging to get a traditional mortgage if you’re looking to buy a house to fix and flip or…

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How to Get Hard Money Real Estate Loans in Southern California
June 24, 2022

RTI Bridge Loans – Fast Hard Money Lender For Southern California Real Estate Investors The truth is that Southern California’s real…

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How to Get a Hard Money Loan in Los Angeles When You Have Bad Credit
March 2, 2022

Getting a loan in Los Angeles when you have bad credit or no credit history can be challenging. As a borrower,…

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A Basic Guide to Understanding Hard Money Loans in Southern California
February 1, 2022

Investing in the Southern California real estate market can be a lucrative avenue for wealth creation, and it’s a fantastic way…

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How to Use a Hard Money Loan to Buy an Investment Property in Los Angeles
January 28, 2022

In the “fix and flip” industry, finding a reliable source of capital that can keep up with the fast-paced nature of…

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