Investment and Rental Property Loans

Investment and Rental Property Hard Money Loans

Investing in a rental property may seem risky, but it offers the opportunity for substantial returns. Finding the funding to take advantage of a deal and purchase an investment property doesn’t have to be an obstacle if you know where to look. Real estate investors that are looking to invest in rental properties but don’t qualify for traditional financing might seek out hard money lenders for rental property to pay for their investment.

This method can be helpful if you’re unable to get approved for a traditional loan due to credit history or need more money than a conventional lender will let you borrow. With nearly two decades of experience as the foremost dependable hard money lender in Southern California, RTI Bridge Loans offers tailored loan solutions that can assist you in reaching your financial goals.

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40 Years Of Experience
40 Years Of Experience

Partner with one of the most reliable and professional direct hard money lenders in California with over 40 years of hard money lending experience.

Fast Approvals And Funding
Fast Approvals And Funding

Quick approvals and direct funding when time is off the essence and need capital on critical opportunities in this fast-moving real estate market.

Leverage Your Money
Leverage Your Money

Maximize Leverage with our financing up to 70-80% LTV of the residential, commercial or mixed project at competitive hard money loan rates.

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Get Fast Investment Property Loans to Buy Rental Property

Are you wondering how to get a loan for a rental property? RTI Bridge Loans is proud to offer hard money loans for rental property investors. These loans provide funding for buy-and-hold investors in California who want to start or expand their rental investment portfolio.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy hard money lender to buy rental property with, look no further than RTI Bridge Loans. With decades of industry expertise, we can offer tailored solutions to help you reach your financial objectives.

Hard money loans can be helpful if you need financing through a less traditional route. If your mortgage application has been denied, contact RTI Bridge Loans today!

Why Choose RTI Bridge Loans?

With decades of hands-on real estate experience, we have been in your shoes and know what it takes to become successful real estate investors. At RTI Bridge Loans, we are local Los Angeles hard money lenders who take pride in helping investors achieve real estate success.

» Lending Options

When you come to RTI for rental property loans, we can get you into a program that fits your needs. Lowest Rate? Highest LTV? Max Cash Out? We have you covered.

» No Broker Fee

RTI Bridge Loans doesn’t broker your loans, so you’ll never need to pay us broker fees. We are a direct lender that underwrites, processes, and funds in-house.

» Flexible Underwriting

Our loan programs at RTI were built by investors, for investors. We underwrite to your project’s profitability and reduce documentation needs as much as possible.

» Competitive Rates

With rates as low as 6.75% and LTVs as high as 80%, we have some of California’s most aggressive programs you’ll find out of all investment property lenders.

» The RTI Difference

You can expect expert advice, speed, reliability, and access to decision-makers when you engage the experts at RTI Bridge Loans.

If you need a deal done quickly and painlessly, RTI Bridge Loans is the way to go! Contact us today at (562) 857-2285 to get started on your quick approval!

Rental Property Financing Requirements Using Hard Money Lenders

Although every lender is different, these are some of the typical requirements investment property lenders in California expect you to meet when applying for rental property investment loans:

  • Down payment / Equity – A down payment is the part of a property’s purchase price that you pay upfront and does not come from a lender via a loan. You could substitute a down payment for sufficient equity in the property if you’re applying for a refinance.
  • Financial Strength of the Borrower – The borrower must demonstrate they have the necessary funds for various costs such as monthly loan payments, taxes, insurance, and other holding charges for the investment property.
  • Rental Income – The investment property lender will want to ensure that the property’s rental income will cover or come close to covering the monthly financial obligations of the investment property.
  • Exit Strategy – A loan exit strategy is, essentially, a backup repayment plan. If you’re unable to repay your loan, the lender may repossess the property.

At RTI Bridge Loans, we get the job done when the banks can’t or won’t. Contact us today

Investment Property Types

An investment property is a real estate asset acquired with the intent of generating a return on investment through various means, including rental income, potential future resale, or a combination of both. If you’re looking to invest in commercial real estate, here are eight investment properties to consider:

  • Condos
  • Townhomes
  • Single-Family
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex
  • Large Developments
  • Mixed-Use Properties
  • Commercial Properties (Office, Retail, Industrial)

Investing in real estate can be a risky endeavor. This is why you must ensure that you do your research thoroughly to know the pros and cons of every investment type. Consult our experts at RTI Bridge Loans if you need more insight.

Why Borrowers Choose RTI Bridge Loans to Fund Their Investment and Rental Property Loans

RTI Bridge Loans is California’s premier hard money lender for your real estate investment needs. Since 2004, our outstanding service and rapid turnaround have led to our remarkable reputation in funding quick-close commercial real estate loans. Investors in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas frequently choose us over other investment property lenders in California because of our impressively low rates, flexible term lengths, seamless process, and first-class customer service.

RTI Bridge Loans is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to get an investment property loan in Southern California. We offer fast and reliable financing to real estate investors of all types by tailoring loan programs to your specific needs. In addition, we have the in-depth knowledge, skills, and expertise to help you take advantage of any deal with the proper asset-based funding.

Let us help take your California real estate investing to the next level!

Ready to Finance Your Investment Property in California?

Hard money loans are an excellent option for real estate investors in California who are looking for quick approval, flexible loan terms, and asset-based investment property loans. If you’re considering rental property loans in California, you need a reputable partner like RTI Bridge Loans.

If you’re interested in applying for an investment property hard money loan today, click here or call us at (562) 857-2285.


Securing financing with a hard money lender offers you several benefits, including:

  • Speed: Time is essential, especially for real estate investments, and hard money lending can help speed that process along.
  • Flexibility: You can negotiate on loan terms of hard money loans since you deal directly with individual investors. 
  • Collateral: With hard money financing, the property is your collateral for the loan. Some lenders even accept other assets, like residential property under your name or construction equipment.
  • No “Red Tape”: While conventional borrowers must worry about credit scores, LTV ratios, and debt-to-income, hard money lenders are asset-based lenders who are more concerned with the collateral than the borrower’s credentials.
  • Convenience: Supplying a lender with bank statements, tax returns, income documentation, and leases can be overwhelming and time-consuming. On the other hand, hard money cuts out the middleman and many headaches.
  • Volume: You should consider hard money rental property investment loans If you want to fund multiple deals at a time. This is because hard money lenders allow investors to leverage other people’s money.
  • Competitive Edge: Hard money gives you a competitive edge over the competition, or at least those using traditional loans.

The process of obtaining hard money loans for rental property can vary, but it typically takes 1 to 14 days. This timeline includes application submission, prequalification, approval, and loan agreement finalizing.

Hard money lenders, such as RTI Bridge Loans, tend to focus solely on the value of the collateral securing the loan and don’t consider the borrower’s credit score.

Here are the essential hard money lending terms:

  1. Collateral: This is the asset the borrower pledges to the lender to secure a loan.
  2. Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio: This is a percentage that represents the proportion of a loan amount relative to the appraised value of the collateral, used by lenders to assess risk in lending.
  3. Loan-to-Cost (LTC) Ratio: This is the ratio of the loan amount to the total cost of the property, including purchase price and renovation costs.
  4. After-Repair Value (ARV): The ARV is the property’s estimated value after completing repairs and renovations.
  5. Appraisal: An appraisal is the assessment of a property’s value
  6. Loan Term: This is the length of time over which you need to repay the loan.
  7. Default: A loan default can occur when a borrower fails to adhere to the agreed-upon loan terms, which can result in consequences such as the lender taking possession of the collateral property or pursuing legal actions to recover the outstanding debt.
  8. Exit Strategy: An exit strategy is the borrower’s predetermined plan for repaying the loan, often involving selling the property,using other financial means to meet the loan’s terms and conditions, or refinancing with a traditional mortgage.
  9. Equity: Equity is the difference between a property’s value and the amount owed on the loan.
  10. Refinance: This refers to the process of replacing an existing hard money loan with a new loan, often with more favorable terms or a longer repayment period, in order to pay off the original loan and potentially access additional funds for various purposes.
  11. Origination Fees: This refers to the upfront charges or costs that borrowers are required to pay to the lender for the processing and initiation of a loan.