Santa Ana, CA Hard Money Lenders

Santa Ana, CA Hard Money Lenders

When borrowing through a conventional mortgage lender is not possible, you can opt for solutions like hard money. The loan comes from investors and individuals who lend you money based on your property’s collateral benefit. If you fail to find traditional lenders to loan you the money you need, hard money is often the only alternative to provide you financial support.

If you’re an occupant of Santa Ana, CA, and looking for a non-traditional loan option, you’re in luck. RTI Bridge Loans has well-implemented strategies to offer you instant solutions to your real estate investments. Our extensive experience in the real estate domain allows us to provide you with the best possible solutions to your financial needs.

As an expert in the field, we understand that obtaining a loan from traditional borrowers is time-consuming and daunting. That is why we believe in providing long-term, promising solutions to help you meet your financial needs. At RTI, we serve Santa Ana, CA and its surrounding cities, with easy-to-loan money options.

As a professional money lending service, we aim to help credible hard money lenders regardless of the reason they need funds. Benefit from our fast solution whether you’re looking for urgent funds or need to invest in a new property.

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40 Years Of Experience
40 Years Of Experience

Partner with one of the most reliable and professional direct hard money lenders in California with over 40 years of hard money lending experience.

Fast Approvals And Funding
Fast Approvals And Funding

Quick approvals and direct funding when time is off the essence and need capital on critical opportunities in this fast-moving real estate market.

Leverage Your Money
Leverage Your Money

Maximize Leverage with our financing up to 70-80% LTV of the residential, commercial or mixed project at competitive hard money loan rates.


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We Fund California Real Estate Projects

RTI Bridge Loans, one of the most experienced direct hard money lenders in California serving Los Angeles and Orange County. We fund hard money loans to Real Estate Developers and Investors, regardless of the size or a challenge of the project, ranging from Bridge Loans, fix and flips to Private money Loans and commercial acquisitions. We provide quick approval and funding with competitive rates and reliable service through asset-based lending for various real estate projects and transactions.

Hard Money Loans Real Estate California

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Choosing RTI Bridge Loans- Is it the Right Decision

Still unsure why choosing RTI Bridge Loans is the best decision? Keep scrolling down to find the answer

Funding for Different Real Estate Projects

RTI Bridge Loans doesn’t limit its services to specific projects. You can reach out to us no matter what type of real estate project you need finance for. This defining attribute not only sets us apart from other money lenders but also ranks as the most reliable money lender in Santa Ana, California.

We fund all sorts of real estate transactions by providing quick lending solutions that may include bridge loans, private money loans, and flip loans.

Unmatchable Experience in Real Estate

Who doesn’t want to work with the most experienced money lending agency?

With decades of experience, we know exactly how to deal with the customers with varying financial needs. That is to say, we have the right solution to meet your unique funding requirements.

No Waiting to Get Approval

Don’t fret if you’re short on funds to get a great investment deal. We have got your back with quick and easy approval for a hard money loan without having to wait for days or weeks. Our hassle-free loan approval allows you to get access to instant capital for your small and big loans.

We believe in your progress, which is only possible when you know how to match the fast-moving real estate industry’s pace.

Leverage your Funds

Leveraging finances up to 70-80% LTV of the mixed, commercial, or residential project is the best way to maximize the funding opportunity. And, you can benefit from it by applying for a loan in RTI Bridge Loans.

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Santa Ana, CA Hard Money Loans

RTI Bridge Loans excels at offering easy-to-obtain funding solutions for various real estate investment projects in Santa Ana, CA. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, we can help you get fast-funded private and bridge loans.

Our quick financing solutions are the best way to avoid the hassle of lengthy application processes and long approval waiting. When it comes to easy funding, we have something for every real estate agent, and that makes us the right choice in Santa Ana, CA.

A quick funding solution is just a call away. Dial (562) 857-2285 to discuss the best bridge loan options and receive an action plan tailored to your finance needs.

Santa Ana, CA Private Money Loans

Like bridge loans, we provide the best lending solution in the form of private money loans in Santa Ana, CA. If you need to finance a rental property or invest in commercial real estate, RTI’s professional team can help you obtain the loans best suited to your lending needs.

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Santa Ana, CA Fix & Flip Loans

Looking for an easy yet profitable side hustle to improve your credit scores? Fix and Flip projects can be the best investment deal. All you need is to purchase a commercial or residential property, revamp it, and sell it for profit.

Partnering with an experienced and trusted hard money lender like us is the right way to eliminate the hassle of lengthy and complicated documentation. A short-term loan for your fix & flip project doesn’t require you to have a great credit score.

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Hard Money Loans- An Overview

Before signing the deal or getting into the contract with a hard-money lender, you need to have a sufficient understanding of this non-traditional loan type. It is an excellent funding option to avoid lengthy and daunting bank loan procedures. Hard money loan typically refers to a convenient way out for people or borrowers who fail to qualify for conventional loans. If your credit score is not impressive and you know already how time-consuming getting a loan from a traditional mortgage lender can be, hard money loans are the easiest solution.

Hard money loan comprises several types, depending on real estate investment you’re interested in. Some of the examples of hard money loans include;

  • Bridge Loans
  • Fix and flip loans
  • Private loans
  • Commercial property loans

At RTI Loans, we have a vast operation throughout the U.S. We have been providing borrowers both short and long-term funding solutions for years to cater to their financial needs. You can contact our representatives to find more about the types of loans we offer. One-year is the minimum time limit for our short-term loans. Unlike typical loans, there is no need to go through tons of hoops to get your hard money loan.

How Hard Money Loans Benefits You

This easy and quick financial solution may benefit you in several ways. Take a look at these top advantages explaining why getting a hard money loan is an ideal solution.

Quickest Way to Get Finance You Need

Even if you have great-looking credit scores, the process to qualify for a traditional loan is quite stressful and challenging. And, there is no way you can overlook the chances of facing last-minute rejection, despite putting your best foot forward.

The long waiting may also cause you to lose a profitable deal. Moreover, ithe minimum period you might have to wait for loan is two to four months

Applying for a hard money loan, on the other hand, is significantly hassle-free. We say this because you get the loan amount within three to five days.

Flexible Terms

There is no getting around it; traditional bank loans don’t offer any flexibility due to their standard rules and policies. It doesn’t mean that hard money lenders don’t follow any guidelines to fund investors. However, their terms are flexible, and you can negotiate the deal that suits your lending needs.

Keep in mind that hard money lenders evaluate your collateral to see whether you’re eligible. That means, if your credit scores are not good, rest assured you won’t disqualify.

Funding Solution for All-Type of Real Estate Projects

Many banks factor in several conditions when approving an investment loan for real estate projects. That is especially true when you want finance to renovate a fix and flip property.

Luckily, money lending companies don’t process loans in the same way. They have a variety of easy funding solutions to invest in your fix and flip projects. The terms and conditions are reliable and allow you to get access to quick capital.

The feature makes hard money lending a fantastic way to finance your real estate projects.

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Real Estate Market in Santa Ana, CA

In Orange County, Santa Ana is one of California’s progressive cities to invest in real estate. The town offers an amenity-rich lifestyle, with dozens of excellent employment opportunities. From high-class operational medical centers to quality and renowned educational institutes, it has everything.

In Santa Ana, CA, the average median house price is $699,000, showingthe city has an affordable housing market.

The city has a celebratory culture and has some never-before-seen exhibits. The classic architecture and business opportunities make it an attractive city to live in.

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