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RTI Bridge Loans is a Hard Money Lender servicing Long Beach, CA, providing property owners and real estate investors with Hard Money Financing. RTI Bridge Loans has over 40 years of experience serving the greater Los Angeles area, including beach rental neighborhoods such as Long Beach. Quick and professional, RTI Bridge Loans is an easy way to finance your next project. Contact RTI today to apply for a Long Beach hard money loan!

40 Years Of Experience
40 Years Of Experience

Partner with one of the most reliable and professional direct hard money lenders in California with over 40 years of hard money lending experience.

Fast Approvals And Funding
Fast Approvals And Funding

Quick approvals and direct funding when time is off the essence and need capital on critical opportunities in this fast-moving real estate market.

Leverage Your Money
Leverage Your Money

Maximize Leverage with our financing up to 70-80% LTV of the residential, commercial or mixed project at competitive hard money loan rates.


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We Fund California Real Estate Projects

RTI Bridge Loans, one of the most experienced direct hard money lenders in California serving Los Angeles and Orange County. We fund hard money loans to Real Estate Developers and Investors, regardless of the size or a challenge of the project, ranging from Bridge Loans, fix and flips to Private money Loans and commercial acquisitions. We provide quick approval and funding with competitive rates and reliable service through asset-based lending for various real estate projects and transactions.

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Financing Your Commercial Real Estate Investments with Long Beach Bridge Loan Lenders

As your premier Long Beach bridge loan lenders, RTI Bridge Loans specializes in providing swift, reliable financing solutions for your commercial real estate investments in Long Beach. Long Beach boasts a vibrant real estate market. With its world-class port and strategic position, Long Beach presents lucrative opportunities for commercial real estate investments. RTI Bridge Loans emerges as a key partner in this dynamic landscape, offering tailored bridge financing solutions.

Amidst a luxury market where median home values stand at $750,000, our expertise empowers investors to seize growth opportunities with agility and financial savvy, especially in a city where the allure of luxury and strategic location drives consistent market appreciation. Whether you’re expanding your portfolio, acquiring new properties, or navigating temporary cash flow gaps, our tailored Long Beach bridge loans offer the flexibility and speed you need.

Thinking about buying property for rental income? Explore the benefits of partnering with a Long Beach hard money lender

The evolving real estate in Long Beach, where home prices soar above the national average, highlights a burgeoning demand for rental properties. As home ownership becomes challenging for many, the rental market thrives, offering a golden opportunity for investors. RTI Bridge Loans, understanding the pulse of Long Beach’s real estate, provides specialized bridge lending services tailored for investors eyeing rental properties. With the average rent at $2,195 and a preference for 2-3 bedroom homes among a demographic with an average family size of 2.78, investing in rental properties with RTI Bridge Loan’s swift and equity-focused financing solutions positions you advantageously in a market ripe with potential.

When considering the acquisition of rental properties in Long Beach, partnering with RTI Bridge Loans offers distinct advantages. Our bridge lending solutions provide the agility and financial leverage necessary to secure promising investment opportunities swiftly. With us, you can navigate the competitive real estate market effectively, ensuring timely acquisitions and optimizing your investment’s potential.

Long Beach Hard Money Loans

RTI Bridge Loans offers various types of Hard Money Loans, including Bridge Loans, Hard Money Loans, Fix and Flip Loans, construction loans, investment property loans, and many more. Hard money loans are fast money loans secured by real estate property, and it’s an easy way to borrow without using a traditional bank or financial institution. RTI specializes in helping you finance real estate, whether you are looking for quick hard cash or you don’t qualify for traditional bank loans.

Contact RTI Bridge Loans today at (562) 857-2285 to discuss the best bridge loan solution and plan of action for your lending needs.

Long Beach Private Money Loans

Private Money Loans are a type of hard money loan that’s short-term and often used to purchase a new real estate property. RTI Bridge Loans is a direct private money lender serving Long Beach, CA, and surrounding areas. RTI finances private money loans in Long Beach neighborhoods for property owners and real estate investors, and can even provide Commercial Private Money Loans for many property types. This popular beach neighborhood is growing in popularity by the day – contact RTI Bridge Loans today for more information!

Fix And Flip Loans In Long Beach, CA

Fix and Flip Loans are very popular in Long Beach and surrounding neighborhoods because they enable real estate investors to purchase a property, flip (renovate) it, and then sell it for a higher profit. These short-term loans allow investors enough time (roughly one year) to get the property ready and sell it – when the property is sold, the loan is paid back in full. RTI Bridge Loans has over 40 years of experience in financing fix and flip projects – call today and begin your new project in the booming and pricey neighborhoods of Long Beach, CA.

What Is A Hard Money Loan?

If you don’t want to wait for a traditional bank loan or you don’t qualify for one, a hard money loan might be your best option. Hard money loans are a quick way to borrow money without using Traditional Mortgage Lenders. Companies or investors lend you money based on the property you want to purchase (often referred to as the collateral). These are short-term loans that usually last a year, and there are many types of hard money loans, including private, fix and flip, bridge loans, and more. They all have different reasons for using them, but the rules are pretty much the same for each type. The best thing about hard money loans is that you don’t need to jump through dozens of hoops to get one like you would have to with a traditional bank loan.

Positive Benefits Of Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are extremely flexible, and like we previously mentioned, you won’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get one. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of Hard Money Loans and how RTI Bridge Loans can help your real estate financing dreams come true.


Hard money loans are very flexible and less restrictive than bank loans. Every hard money lender has their own set of conditions, but they are pretty easy to measure up to.

They Provide Funding For Projects That Won’t Be Financed Anywhere Else:

Banks and financial institutions will not have any interest in financing your project. Banks also don’t like short-term loans and hard money lenders do. Being extremely strict when it comes to lending, bank loans are probably not in the cards. However, hard money lenders can provide you with loans that banks will instantly turn down.


Hard money loans, compared to traditional bank loans, are extremely speedy. In fact, funds can be in your hands in as little as 3-5 days (two weeks max). Credit checks usually aren’t required, which also makes the process move quickly. Your Hard Money Lender will decide if you are presenting a good deal or not, and the decision is made almost instantly.

Contact RTI Bridge Loans in Long Beach at (562) 857-2285 for any questions or concerns you may have regarding the limitations of hard money loans.

Disadvantages Of Hard Money Loans

Though the good tends to outweigh the bad, there are still a few downsides to acquiring hard money loans – they are risky for both you and the lender. Here are the top three reasons why people find hard money loans unattractive.

Interest Rates Are Higher Than Traditional Bank Loans:

Hard money loans will always have a higher interest rate because they are short term, and there is an increased risk for the lender. Interest rates usually range anywhere between 9-15%. However, competition brings rates down, especially in populated areas.

Hard Money Lenders Require An Equity Or Down Payment Of Roughly 25-30%:

The reason why Hard Money Lenders are able to look past blemished credit scores and other personal hiccups is because the equity will act as loan security. Without this, the hard money lender is taking a huge risk if they decide to lend you the money.

They Are For Short Term Use Only:

Hard money loans are usually written for 6 months-2 years (rarely any longer). The longer the loan term is, the riskier it gets for the lender. This is because no one knows where the interest rates will be at the end of the term, meaning the lender loses more money.

The Different Types Of Hard Money Loans

There are many different types of Hard Money Loans for various different projects – and knowing which one you’re looking for is the very first step. Call RTI Bridge Loans at (562) 857-2285 for more information on hard money loans in Long Beach, CA.

Bridge Loans:

Just how they sound, bridge loans are a hard money loan type that “bridges” between buying a new property and selling an old one. For example, they are meant for people who are trying to buy a new home, but they have yet to sell their old one. When the old home is sold, the loan is paid back in full.

Hard Money Loans:

Hard money loans are the general terms for all loan types secured by real property as collateral. These are short term loans lasting for roughly one year, and monthly payments are usually interest-only. If repayment doesn’t happen, the lender sells the collateral property in order to get their money back.

Fix And Flip Hard Money Loans:

In Long Beach, CA, Fix and Flip Loans are very popular for investors due to the hot real estate market. These types of loans mean that an investor borrows hard money from a lender to finance a fix and flip project – buying a property, renovating it, and then selling it for a high profit. When the property is sold, the loan is paid back.

Working With A Long Beach Hard Money Lender – Finance Your Projects With RTI Bridge Loans

RTI Bridge Loans is a hard money lender serving Los Angeles and surrounding booming real estate markets like Long Beach, CA, for the last 15 years. Are you looking to buy an investment property to rent out in Long Beach? RTI Bridge Loans has everything you need to work with when you decide to make the leap. With one of the most substantial economies in the entire country, and the second most populated area in the U.S., Long Beach is absolutely booming, and securing your project in the area is almost guaranteed to leave you with more than you started with. A lot of people look for a Hard Money Lender in the Long Beach neighborhoods to finance their transactions.

So, why a hard money lender in Long Beach? Private Money Lenders in California focus only on a property’s equity and less on the history or credit score of the borrower, the funding process takes as little as a few days, and Long Beach homeownership has become quite difficult. This means that people are focusing on rentals in the area, so many properties are a great investment. Contact RTI Bridge Loans today to learn everything you need to know about the Long Beach real estate market and begin your investment journey today!

What You Need To Know About Long Beach

Long Beach is a beautiful area outside of the greater Los Angeles city, making it a prime target for renters and real estate investors alike. Being surrounded by the largest and most populated city in California (and the second largest in the country), Long Beach is booming in the rental industry. The majority of Californians choose to rent rather than own, making the purchase of a real estate property an amazing investment option right now. Long Beach has a population alone of roughly 500,000, and as more people decide to make the leap and move to CA, expect these numbers to grow. There has never been a better time to invest in rental properties in the fast-growing neighborhoods of Long Beach, CA.

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