Robert Abbasi – Hard Money Loan Specialist – President Of RTI Bridgeloans


About Robert Abbasi

Robert Abbasi is a highly experienced businessman in today’s most lucrative domains. With over 40 years of experience as a real estate executive serving California, he‘s dealt with numerous portfolios. RTI Properties, his biggest venture, was founded in 1986. Although Robert Abbasi started small, he turned the real estate company into a nationally recognized and diversified firm.

He operates through a network of well-reputed colleagues, peers, and affiliates and manages multiple types of properties across the nation. Robert is popular as a panelist and a well-known mentor in the real estate community. Serving as a popular speaker on real estate topics and news, he also works as a commercial real estate investment advisor. In the 40 years of his career, he executed billions of dollars worth of real estate transactions while managing an extensive investment portfolio.

Education and Qualification

Robert Abbasi completed his Executive MBA degree from USC (University of Southern California) and graduated with distinguished honors. Before this, he secured an undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Southern California. During that time, he also became a trusted and reputed member of the Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society. Robert Abbasi graduated with a Magna Cum Laude.

Business Achievements

In 1986, Robert Abbasi founded RTI Properties Inc. The idea was to purchase a series of apartment complexes located in Los Angeles as a matter of personal investment. However, the idea grew, and so did the enterprise in his name, eventually scaling to become one of the nation’s best real estate firms. The company has multiple divisions and vested interests in various real estate asset classes. Without a doubt, his entrepreneurial expertise, real estate prowess, and spirit helped him take the world of real estate investment by storm.

Formerly, he also served on the Loan and ALCO committees as a Bank Board Director. In 1983, Robert Abbasi worked as a large real estate firm’s Investment Consultant. There, he focused on commercial properties and apartment buildings. He’s developed an excellent rapport with various affiliates in the real estate management and investment industry over the last 40 years. Moreover, he also served as an advisor and confidant to brokers, property investors, property managers, lenders, and institutions.


Robert Abbasi is as social as he is entrepreneurial. From trying out the finest motorcycles for dirt racing and bicycling on mountainous terrain, he loves a thrilling experience as much as the next guy. It’s his way to spend time when he’s not investing and managing properties across the country.

He’s an avid swimmer and enjoys going for a swim in the ocean. He prefers swimming as his exercise of choice and favorite recreational activity to help him get closer to nature. For Robert Abbasi, enjoying time with his family is another important activity on his calendar. While he’s a real estate expert and businessman, he’s also a friendly, humble, and loving person. He loves to try out the finest wine collections along with traditional cuisines. Not to mention, he’s a great fan of the health and fitness industry.