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Are you considering a move to Colorado, but you’re unsure about hard money loans, as well as the real estate market outlook for 2020? We get it – it’s a tough decision to make. However, Colorado is absolutely booming in the real estate market, making hard money lenders very popular in the area. In fact, hard money lending has never been more comfortable in Colorado with RTI Bridge loans. For over 30 years now, RTI Bridge Loans has been serving residents of Colorado with fast hard money to fund real estate properties. The most professional hard money lending service – RTI is a very reliable and quick way to invest in your next fix and flip project or finance your new property. Contact RTI Bridge Loans today at (562) 857-2285 for more information about the Colorado real estate market and how moving there will benefit you!

30 Years Of Experience
30 Years Of Experience

Partner with one of the most reliable and professional direct hard money lenders in California with over 30 years of hard money lending experience.

Fast Approvals And Funding
Fast Approvals And Funding

Quick approvals and direct funding when time is off the essence and need capital on critical opportunities in this fast-moving real estate market.

Leverage Your Money
Leverage Your Money

Maximize Leverage with our financing up to 70-80% LTV of the residential, commercial or mixed project at competitive hard money loan rates.


We Fund California Real Estate Projects

RTI Bridge Loans, one of the most experienced direct hard money lenders in California serving Los Angeles and Orange County. We fund hard money loans to Real Estate Developers and Investors, regardless of the size or a challenge of the project, ranging from Bridge Loans, fix and flips to Private money Loans and commercial acquisitions. We provide quick approval and funding with competitive rates and reliable service through asset-based lending for various real estate projects and transactions.

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Colorado Hard Money Loans

RTI Bridge Loans offers many different types of hard money loans in Colorado, such as fix and flip loans, private money loans, bridge loans, and more. Hard money loans are generally short-term and secured by real property, as well as being fast-funded. They are a very quick way to borrow money without having to deal with the hassle that traditional banks will put you through. RTI Bridge Loans can make your financing dreams come true – they can help you receive hard money fast when you don’t feel like putting up with traditional bank loans.

Call RTI Bridge Loans today at (562) 857-2285 in order to talk with one of our specialists about your hard money loan options as well as your lending needs.

Colorado Private Money Loans

Serving Colorado residential and commercial property owners and residents, RTI is a private money lender that provides private money loans. These loan types are much like all hard money loan types. They are short-term, fast-funded, and they are usually used to purchase a new real estate property. Private money loans are prevalent for property owners as well as real estate investors. Expect to see the real estate market in Colorado to rise dramatically over the next few years – it’s a hot and booming state right now – it’s the best time to invest! Call RTI Bridge Loans today and get started with your own private money loan.

Fix And Flip Loans In Colorado

Fix and flip loans are very popular in the beautiful state of Colorado right now. These types of loans enable real estate investors to purchase a property, renovate it and fix it up, then sell it for a nice profit. When the property is sold, the loan is paid back completely. The short loan time gives the investor enough wiggle room to fix up a property and put it on the Colorado real estate market. You’re bound to make a great profit with fix and flip projects – the Colorado housing market is on an incredible rise.

So, What Are Hard Money Loans?

Are hard money loans worth your time and completely legit? Yes, and yes! Let’s take a look at the factors and key selling points. If you are having issues acquiring a traditional bank loan, a hard money loan may be for you, especially if you’re tired of the lengthy process that bank loans entail. They are a great way to borrow without the use of traditional lenders. The loan amount you receive is based on the collateral property.

There are a few different types of hard money loans, including commercial property loans, bridge loans, private money loans, fix and flip loans, etc. Hard money loans have higher interest rates compared to traditional bank loans and are given out only short-term. Each type of hard money loan has its own purpose. In addition, an added positive is that there are far fewer hoops to jump through compared to bank loans. Contact RTI Bridge Loans today to learn more about what hard money loans are, as well as which option will be best for you.

The Top Advantages of Hard Money Loans

There are tons of incredible benefits when it comes to using hard money loans to finance your next real estate property. They are easy to get, quickly funded, and having a blemished credit score won’t affect your application process. Check out the top three reasons why hard money loans and lenders are loved and trusted by so many people.

They Are Speedy:

Unfortunately, from the application process to actually receiving your funds, bank loans can take upwards of 1-2 months. You also need to meet qualifications, such as having an amazing credit score. With RTI Bridge Loans, you can have your funds in your pocket in as little as 3-5 business days – two weeks at the most. Additionally, the application process only takes a few minutes!

They Are Very Flexible:

Opting for a loan through a financial institution means endless rules and restrictions. They are far from flexible, whereas hard money loans have very flexible terms. Hard money lenders do have their own set of rules, but they are far less restrictive. They will make your decision quickly based on your collateral property.

Lenders Provide Loans For Reasons That Banks Will Turn Down:

Fix and flip loans are a good example of something that hard money lenders will finance, and bank lenders won’t. A bank, more than likely, won’t even consider it. Banks don’t like short-term loans – something that hard money lenders specialize in. In conclusion, hard money lenders provide you with flexible financial solutions for projects that banks won’t consider.

Call RTI Bridge Loans today at (562) 857-2285 for questions you may have regarding the benefits and flexibility of hard money loans.

The Top Disadvantages of Hard Money Loans

There are so many positives to hard money loans; however, there are a few negatives that tend to distract people. They are risky business, and the risk alone scares people away – high-interest rates and down payments to top it off. Here are a few reasons why people tend to look away from hard money loans.

They Are Considered ‘Last Resort’ Options:

Hard money loans are very short-term – one of the many reasons why they are considered a last resort. Hard money loans are usually written for six months to one year, and if they go any longer than that, they become riskier for the lender. This is because interest rates will always be fluctuating. They are risky for both the lender and the investor, which is why hard money loans are considered a ‘last resort’ option.

Higher Down Payments And Required Equity:

Hard money lenders are able to ignore previous financial hardships and blemished credit history because they will require a high down payment. Hard money loans have a down payment percentage of roughly 25-30%.

Higher Than Normal Interest Rates:

Many investors turn away from deals when they see the high-interest rates. Being that hard money loans are such a short term, it’s only natural that the interest rates will be higher. Usually, interest rates sit between 9-15%, but the higher the lender competition, the lower the interest rates will fall.

The Most Popular Types Of Hard Money Loans

Like we previously mentioned, there are quite a few different Colorado Hard Money Loan types – each serving their own valuable purpose. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of hard money loans, how they work, and who benefits from them.

Colorado Fix And Flip Loans:

In growing real estate markets such as Colorado, fix and flip loans are very popular with investors. This is because the population maintains a steady rise, and the need for more freshly renovated houses on the market is crucial. Fix and flip loans are for investors that are wanting to buy a property, fix (flip) it, then sell it for a higher profit. When the property is sold, the loan is paid back.

Colorado Bridge Loans:

Bridge loans quite literally bridge the gap between buying a new property and selling an old one. They are great for people who are ready to leave an area before their old home is sold and buy their new property. When the old property sells, the loan is fully paid back.

Colorado Hard Money Loans:

This is the general term used to describe every type of hard money loan lending options. Hard money loans are short-term and funded to investors that have real property used as collateral. Your hard money lender will sell the collateral property if you fail repayment.

Looking forward, keep these hard money loan types in mind when making your decision. For more information, call RTI Bridge loans – one of our specialists will be able to help you find out which decision will suit you best.

Working With Hard Money Lenders In Colorado

With over 30 years of experience as hard money lenders in Colorado, RTI Bridge Loans has your back when you’re ready to begin investing in the beautiful area. Real estate investors are truly making the most out of hard money lending options in Colorado – the population increases every year, and the housing market is booming. Hard money lenders in Colorado – why are they so popular? It’s simple, really. Hard money lenders like RTI Bridge Loans provide real estate investors with fast-lending options – something that is crucial right now while people are in bidding wars over Colorado dream homes or fix and flip projects. Bank loans are less popular when it comes to securing property in a timely manner. Contact RTI Bridge loans for more information about the Colorado real estate market!

What You Should Know About The Gorgeous State Of Colorado

If you are looking for warm and sunny summers as well as snowy and cold winters – look no further. It’s the perfect place for people who love all four seasons. Colorado, in all its mountainous glory, is jam-packed with tiny suburban towns surrounded by scenic views as well as large metropolitan cities with high populations such as Denver. The most populated cities in Colorado are Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora. As for Colorado’s real estate market trends, expect to see a slow and steady rise of people moving to the state because of the lower rental price and median home price. Colorado tends to outperform national trends, so keep your eyes peeled. The average home price in Colorado is only roughly $388,000, and the median rental price in Denver is roughly $1,674 – prices lower in outskirt towns. Now is a great time to look into moving to Colorado, the prices are excellent, and the real estate market outlook for 2020 is promising!

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